You are invited to take part in the
Transfer Summer Start ProgramBuild a foundation for success before fall quarter begins!

As a student transferring into the University of California, Irvine, you are invited to take part in the Transfer Summer Start Program, an innovative opportunity that will provide you with a rich academic, social, and personal foundation as you embark on your new academic career at UCI.

Begin your transfer experience during the summer when the campus is more accessible and relaxed. You will be part of a smaller community of students transferring to UCI and will have an opportunity to become familiar with the academic rigor and collegiate life of UCI under ideal conditions of maximum opportunity and support.

Make the most of your years here as an upper classman by participating in special workshops and sessions on various aspects of campus life: using the UCI library for research, engaging with faculty about their research, career planning, study abroad, getting involved, and polishing your skills in leadership development, public speaking and writing.

If you are not admitted to UCI for fall quarter you are still welcome to attend Summer Session, however the Transfer Summer Start Program is intended for newly admitted UCI transfer students. If you have questions about regular UCI transfer admissions requirements, please visit UCI Admissions.

I am blown away at how welcoming and kind the summer staff, mentors and other participants have been. I was incredibly apprehensive about transferring to UCI, but feel at home now.2013 Transfer Start Participant

Read a special message from Sharon Salinger, Dean of Undergraduate Education

By the beginning of the fall quarter you will have already started on your UC Irvine course work and graduation requirements, become acquainted with the UCI campus, gained confidence in meeting and speaking with professors and become part of a close-knit group of transfer students. We welcome you to join us this summer!

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to assist UCI students in meeting the costs of attending Summer Session. Visit the Enroll tab of our website for more information on Financial Aid.

International Students

We are also happy to announce a special pathway within the Transfer Summer Start Program for International Students. Learn more about this special pathway throughout our website, and also within the chart below.

Transfer Summer Start is for all new students who will be entering UCI as transfers in fall 2014.
There are two pathways; see which of them is best for you.
Program Dates:
Session I: June 22 - July 31, 2014
Full Summer: June 22 - September 11, 2014
Session II: August 3 - September 11, 2014

  Early Start Early Start International

Who is eligible?

All fall 2014 transfer students who have been accepted to UCI (including international students who  have been studying in California colleges).



If you need an F-1 visa to study at UC Irvine, your I-20 documentation will be processed by the UCI International Center based on your "My Admissions" information in your admissions application. The start date of your I-20 can be changed to August 3rd for attendance in the Session II Transfer Summer Start Program once your enrollment form and payment are received and processed by our office. Follow the instructions given in your UCI Admissions correspondence. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the necessary steps to obtain a visa with UC Irvine.

How many students will participate?

While this pathway is not limited, we estimate about 100 participants in Session I and 150 in Summer Session II.

While this pathway is not limited, we estimate about 20 participants.

What courses will I take?

A 2-unit Transfer Summer Start Seminar (Social Sciences 89) is required during the first summer session you choose to attend; concurrently, most students will enroll in one additional course. and an elective.

Please keep in mind that a full load for a summer session is 6 - 8 units. For example, in Session I you might take Social Sciences 89 and one elective course (typically 4 units). In Summer Session II you might take advantage of the Pay-for-Only 8 Incentive Program and enroll in two elective courses (typically 4 units each)

This is a full load of courses in each Summer Session.

Students who prefer to only enroll in Summer Session II will take Social Sciences 89 and one elective course (typically 4 units).

Note: Attendance requirements will be outlined in the Social Sciences 89 syllabus; typically a minimum of 4 events is required.

A 2-unit Transfer Summer Start Seminar (Social Sciences 89)


One additional UCI credit course (most courses are 4-units)


A 2-unit Academic English Reading and Vocabulary course (optional, though highly recommended)

Where will I live?

It is recommended that students live with the program on campus in Arroyo Vista housing, but students may choose to commute.

It is recommended that students live with the program on campus in Arroyo Vista housing, but students may choose to commute.

What will it cost me?

Costs vary with number of units being taken and financial aid eligibility. For Summer Session 2014, we will be offering a full-time fee incentive program for all current and incoming UC students. Students will need to pay for up to only 8 units in per unit course fees, plus a mandatory $150 campus fee, plus any applicable course materials fees. Click here for more details.

To be eligible to apply for financial aid, you must plan to enroll in at least six units during the 2014 Summer Session. Note: some award packages require enrollment in more than six units.

Costs vary depending on the number of units taken. Students who pay for 8 units in per unit course fees, plus a mandatory non-refundable $150 campus fee, can enroll in additional units without paying additional course fees. Course materials fees apply. Keep in mind 6-8 units is full-time for any one session. Click here for more details.

What will I do when I’m not in class?

All students will participate in a range of exciting co-curricular activities as part of the required course, Social Sciences 89.  Residential students will also have housing and community activities with other Transfer Summer Start students, their resident advisor, and Transfer Summer Start staff.

When do I enroll?

Program registration is due:

  • June 5 for Summer Session I or Full Summer
  • July 15 for Summer Session II.

The 2013-14 FAFSA application is due June 30, though it is recommended that you complete your FAFSA by May 31. MyAid is due by May 31 to be considered for grant funding. If you’ve already filed a 2013-2014 FAFSA, you must make sure UCI is listed, school code = 001314.

Program registration due June 14.

When will I get advising and sign up for my Fall classes?

Each school holds summer advising sessions ( held in June or July) to help new transfer students prepare their fall schedules and enroll in classes. You will receive information by mail regarding how to enroll in one of your school's advising sessions. Some of these advising sessions will be held on the same day as Transfer Success (see below).

How does Transfer Success apply to me?

Transfer Success is an optional half-day UCI orientation program. The Transfer Success Program is different than the 6-week Transfer Summer Start Program. You must sign up and register for the Transfer Success Program separately: