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Preview of 2018 Courses


2018 Course Listing

Preview of 2018 courses will be available in December.


SessionDept. Num. & Title
IPHYSICS 12 Science Fiction and Science Fact ***ONLINE COURSE***
IPHYSICS 20A Introduction to Astronomy ***ONLINE COURSE***
IPHYSICS 295 Experimental Research
IPHYSICS 3A Basic Physics I ***ONLINE COURSE with On-campus discussion section & Exam(s)***
IPHYSICS 3B Basic Physics II
IPHYSICS 7C Classical Physics
IPHYSICS 7D Classical Physics
IPHYSICS 7LC Classical Physics Laboratory
IPHYSICS 7LD Classical Physics Laboratory
10 WkPHYSICS 295 Experimental Research
10 WkPHYSICS 3LB Basic Physics Laboratory
10 WkPHYSICS 3LC Basic Physics Laboratory
IIPHYSICS 2 Introduction to Mathematical Methods for Physics
IIPHYSICS 295 Experimental Research
IIPHYSICS 3B Basic Physics II
IIPHYSICS 3C Basic Physics III
IIPHYSICS 7D Classical Physics
IIPHYSICS 7E Classical Physics ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIPHYSICS 7LD Classical Physics Laboratory
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