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Preview of 2018 Courses


2018 Course Listing

Preview of 2018 courses will be available in December.


SessionDept. Num. & Title
IPSYCH 112LM Research Methods in Psychology Laboratory
IPSYCH 112M Research Methods in Psychology
IPSYCH 129 Psychology of Music
IPSYCH 140C Cognitive Science
IPSYCH 177D Deviance
IPSYCH 7A Introduction to Psychology
IPSYCH 9A Psychology Fundamentals
IPSYCH 9B Psychology Fundamentals
IPSYCH 9C Psychology Fundamentals
IIPSYCH 120A Abnormal Psychology
IIPSYCH 160A Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
IIPSYCH 178N Social Psychology of Networks
IIPSYCH 46A Introduction to Human Memory ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIPSYCH 7A Introduction to Psychology
IIPSYCH 7A Introduction to Psychology ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIPSYCH 9A Psychology Fundamentals
IIPSYCH 9B Psychology Fundamentals
IIPSYCH 9C Psych Fundamentals
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