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2018 Course Listing

Preview of 2018 courses will be available in December.

Electrical Engineering &Computer Science

SessionDept. Num. & Title
IEECS 10 Computational Methods in Electrical and Computer Engineering
IEECS 12 Introduction to Programming
IEECS 20 Computer Systems and Programming in C
IEECS 31 Introduction to Digital Systems
IEECS 55 Engineering Probability
IEECS 70A Network Analysis I ***ONLINE COURSE***
IEECS 70LA Network Analysis I Laboratory
IIEECS 1 Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIEECS 159A Senior Design Project I ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIEECS 159B Senior Design Project II
IIEECS 170C Electronics III
IIEECS 170LC Electronics III Laboratory
IIEECS 31L Introduction to Digital Logic Laboratory
IIEECS 50 Discrete-Time Signals and Systems
IIEECS 70B Network Analysis II
IIEECS 70LB Network Analysis II Laboratory
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