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2018 Course Listing

Preview of 2018 courses will be available in December.


SessionDept. Num. & Title
IHISTORY 183 U.S. Russian Relations
IHISTORY 21A World: Innovations
IHISTORY 37C The Formation of Ancient Roman Society: The Fall of Rome
IHISTORY 40A Colonial America: New Worlds
IHISTORY 40C Modern America: Culture and Power
IHISTORY 60 The Making of Modern Science
IHISTORY 70A Modern East Asia
IIHISTORY 12 History of Soccer
IIHISTORY 15F What to Eat? Immigrants and the Development of American Cuisines
IIHISTORY 16A World Religions I
IIHISTORY 21B World: Empires and Revolutions
IIHISTORY 21C World: Wars and Rights
IIHISTORY 37A The Formation of Ancient Roman Society: Origins to Roman Republic
IIHISTORY 40B Nineteenth-Century U.S.: Crisis and Expansion
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