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Preview of 2018 Courses


2018 Course Listing

Preview of 2018 courses will be available in December.


SessionDept. Num. & Title
IMGMT 102 Managing Organizational Behavior ***ONLINE COURSE***
IMGMT 105 Introduction to Marketing
IMGMT 107 Introduction to Management Information Systems ***ONLINE COURSE***
IMGMT 109 Introduction to Managerial Finance ***ONLINE COURSE***
IMGMT 124 Human Resources Management
IMGMT 131A Intermediate Accounting I
IMGMT 132A Individual Taxation
IMGMT 194 Financial Statement Analysis
IMGMT 30A Principles of Accounting I ***ONLINE COURSE***
IMGMT 7 Statistics for Business Decision Making
IIMGMT 1 Introduction to Business and Management ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIMGMT 101 Management Science ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIMGMT 102 Managing Organizational Behavior
IIMGMT 105 Introduction to Marketing ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIMGMT 131B Intermediate Accounting II
IIMGMT 136 Accounting Information Systems & Spreadsheets
IIMGMT 141 Investments
IIMGMT 190 Organizational Change
IIMGMT 30B Principles in Accounting II
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