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Visiting International University Students (non-matriculated)


Summer Session offers more than 800 courses across 70 subject areas. Most students choose to enroll in two courses per session (4 units each). Before enrolling in Summer Session, please take a look at our online course listing to determine which courses would fit you best. Review your course selection with your academic advisor if necessary.

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Academic English

You also have the option of taking a smaller academic load by combining one course within your major and one Academic English course. We offer Academic English courses, for credit, in the subject areas of writing, reading, vocabulary, and conversation. During the summer, these courses compliment students’ enrollment in other academic courses.

Students interested in enrolling in any AC ENG 29 course should have foundational English with some exposure in a classroom setting and will be asked to show proof with their application. Be sure to check course listings for when the course is offered. Courses will fill quickly.Please see a list of past AC ENG course offerings:

  • Advanced Conversation: Strengthen oral communication skills in English. Further development of listening and speaking skills through review of English sounds, sentence stress, and rhythm using oral reports, debates, and reports on graphs and surveys.
  • University Writing and Communication: Improve effective communication necessary for college level reading and writing. Exposure to university writing will improve ability to convey individual and group thoughts using correct grammar, sentence structure, paragraph, and essay organization.
  • Business English: Learn business vocabulary and effective communication to address the differing communication styles across cultures. Practice business writing, negotiations, meeting skills while addressing topics in American business, marketing, finance, management, and human resources.
  • Film, Media, and American Culture: Gain a better understanding of American English language and culture through Hollywood movies to better differentiate the different styles of communication in America from casual slang to academic language. Increase confidence in interacting with Americans through discussions, writing, and vocabulary building.